Concrete Replacement

Concrete is a composite material composed of fine and coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement (cement paste) that hardens over time, on which it has a lifespan.  Commercial concrete floor resurfacing can get your floors looking and functioning well as new in no time. When it deteriorates to a certain point, property owners contact us here in Bothwell Corporation. We offer commercial concrete construction, commercial electrical and telecommunication services. One of our most popular services is concrete removal and replacement.

To help determine whether you need concrete replacement or repair, please check out our blog, Concrete: Replacement or Repair. We offer a lot of services such as epoxy resurface to repair mildly, moderately or severely eroded concrete. They are ideal for use in areas subjected to heavy loads and severe conditions such as warehouses, food processing facilities and more. Though we have concrete repair as our main service, concrete replacement is sometimes a better option for property owners. Here’s how you consider getting concrete replacement:

  1. Aesthetics: When it comes to making things beautiful, for commercial property owners and some residential; you should strongly consider replacing their concrete instead of repairing it if repairing the concrete would leave unsightly spots. Creating an everlasting impression on your visitors, with a new, fresh-looking walkway or parking lot.
  2. Availability of Materials. Materials in concrete repair make a lot of differences. As a recommendation, say you need more than 1 foot of repairs, why not do the replacements and have a new one installed.
  3. It takes less time to replace rather than do the repair. Time is of the essence. Have the business up and running with concrete replacements.
  4. Pouring new concrete over existing concrete is a big no for us. It makes the scenery uglier. Get us over your place and we will survey your property and let you know what we see.
  5. Hand-troweled products for smaller resurfacing jobs. Quickly patching cracks, potholes and small areas of eroded concrete.
  6. Special Concrete service needs resurfacing. Including chemically resistant and decorative quartz formulations.
  7. Self-leveling resurfacing. Restores eroded concrete floors, creating a smooth, durable, easy-to-clean finish that resists chemicals, damage and wear. Greater compressive strength than concrete.

Our concrete replacement has three phases. The first phase is removal, second will be a replacement and lastly the finishing. During the removal phase, we begin to haul away the concrete, determining how much to take out and accurately get the depth. As the depth is identified, our professionals will then excavate the existing concrete. Re-compacting comes next after removal.

Replacement, our team will start pouring cement after removal and re-compacting of the designated area and measurements. With attention to detail, there will added expansion and control joints to have the project success.

Most of the commercial interior concrete pours that Bothwell corporation installs require precise leveling, reinforcement, and finishing. Once the concrete has been poured in the area that is been deemed for replacement, the proper rebar, gravel, and reinforcement must be in place before the inspection. Bothwell corporation as a commercial licensed contractor can produce outstanding results, on budget, and on time. If your interior concrete project requires large amounts of concrete we will finish the projects with a smooth machine finish.

Bothwell Corp has conducted concrete services for San Jose, CA for over 30 years.  Our service area has grown and extended to the entire Bay Area.  We conduct all your concrete needs and help you from start to finish. We try to make it our goal to stay on budget and give quality results.  Our experienced staff is one of the best in the bay.  Call us today for an inspection!


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