Overview: What is a retaining wall?

Retaining walls are used for landscaping. They are used to get the most from sloped land. These can be found nearly everywhere. You may have seen them on the side of highways, in front of homes, and businesses. These walls are designed very elegantly that it can turn heads. Retaining walls are not only used for curb appeal purposes, but they also have many other functions as well. In this article, we will be discussing the functions of retaining walls, as well as different design options.

Why do people install retaining walls?

Runoff Issues

If your property is on a slope, you may need one. As the rainy season hits, the rainwater flows very quickly down the slope. This can be problematic because it can keep agricultural or garden runoff our of drains that lead to the ocean or rivers.
Runoff can also lead to erosion of your land. This can affect residential homes because along with the runoff, there is the dirt that holds your home’s foundation. Retaining walls can help prevent the loss of structure that keeps your foundation in place.

More Usable Land

Retaining walls date back to ancient civilizations. Since it is not easy to effectively irrigate land on a slope, they hand to find better methods for agriculture. To have land more usable, they would use retaining walls to flatten out the land in layers. Look at the example below.

showing how a slope is being broken up by a retaining wall

After adding a retaining wall, the land can be used to agriculture.

To Increase Curb Appeal

In addition to protecting the foundation of your home, retaining walls can increase the market value of your home. Retaining walls can hold a variety of different plants that can increase the curb appeal in your home. In our past blog, 5 Concrete Curb Appeal Ideas to Increase Property Value, we discuss talk about how retaining walls and garbage enclosures add am extra touch to your home’s personality.

What kind of options are available?

Timber Retaining Walls (Wooden)

timber retaining wall installation San Jose CA
These wooden retaining walls for a more natural appearance. Timber walls are much quicker to construct in comparison to concrete walls. They are also the least expensive option for retaining walls because you save money on time and materials. Unfortunately, timber walls do not last as long a concrete wall due to rain.

concrete retaining wall installation San Jose CAConcrete

Concrete retaining walls are very durable. Concrete retaining walls are the ones you see on the side of the highway and near bridges and ramps. Concrete retaining walls can be stamped and stained to give it a beautiful design. Concrete retaining walls are slightly more expensive and take a bit more time to install.

What are retaining walls, and which one do you need? 1

This is the one that is more frequently seen in front of residential homes. This option has a very natural and elegant look to it, these ones are a pricier option.

Our team has the experience and integrity to perform services that we can stand by. When we do retaining wall installations, we ensure that it will last. It is a shame when we get calls about poorly installed retaining walls collapsing or crumbling. We help with the paperwork. San Jose has its own set of city regulations. Our knowledgeable project managers know all of the requirements and limitations for retaining wall installations. For more information about building a retaining wall in San Jose CA, click here.

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