Commercial electrical panel: Getting Rid of Electrical Risks:

What is an electrical risk?

An electrical risk is a risk of death, electric shock or other injury caused directly or indirectly by electricity. The most common electrical risks and causes of injury are:

  1. Electrical Shock– This may lead to injury or death. Electrical shocks may be received by direct or indirect contact, tracking through or across a medium, or by arcing. For example, an electric shock may result from indirect contact where a conductive part that is not normally energized becomes energized due to a fault.
  2. Arcing, explosions or fires can cause burns. The injuries are often suffered because arcing or explosion or both occur when high fault currents are present.
  3. Common electric shocks are from ‘step-and-touch’ potentials.
  4. Burning and arcing associated with electrical equipment may release various gases and contaminants. Releasing toxic gases causing illness or death.
  5. A fire can be the result of an electrical fault.

A business or any undertaking must manage risks. Homeowners should be able to identify and eliminate reasonably foreseeable hazards that could give rise to an electrical risk. It is important to frequently check your commercial electrical panel and identify hazards that could potentially cause harm. Hazards from electrical equipment or installations may arise from developing electrical risks:

  1. The design, construction, installation, maintenance, and testing of electrical equipment or electrical installations.
  2. Renovation, design change or modification.
  3. Inadequate or inactive electrical protection.
  4. Where and how electrical equipment is used? Electrical equipment may be subject to operating conditions that are likely to result in damage to the equipment or a reduction in its expected life span. For example, equipment may be at greater risk of damage if used outdoors or in a factory or workshop environment.
  5. Electrical equipment being used in an area in which the atmosphere presents a risk to health and safety from fire or explosion.
  6. Type of electrical equipment. For example, plugin electrical equipment that may be moved around from site to site, such as extension leads, are particularly liable to damage.
  7. The age of electrical equipment and electrical installations.
  8. Work carried out on or near electrical equipment or electrical installations, including electric overhead lines or underground electric services.

The highest probability of all hazards is the age of electrical equipment and electrical installations. The circuit breaker panel is one of the first ways that control those hazards. This electrical equipment is subjected to pressure and wear of time and eventually may need to be replaced.

Common signs that you may need to replace your commercial electrical panel:

  • The circuit breaker panel is the electrical protection electrical equipment needs when breakers are tripping more often. Although frequently tripping circuit breakers can indicate several electrical problems, they can also warn that the electrical panel is wearing down and no longer functioning correctly. Call your local electrician to have your circuit breaker panel inspected.
  • What do you do when a circuit breaker trips? When resetting a tripped breaker the best way to protect your appliances and electrical equipment. Turn off your lights and appliances immediately. Call an electrician immediately to diagnose the problem because the panel may need to be replaced.
  • Burning smells in the circuit breaker panel. The most dangerous of them all. When a circuit breaker has reached its breaker point cause fire inside the panel and which some cases the whole house. This is common to not properly follow specific electrical designs and renovations. Please have a professional check when there is work to be done on additional load to your circuit breaker panel. Here in Bothwell Corp, we offer both design and renovation include installation on your electrical equipment. Call us for assistance for an electrician to look into the problem and see if the panel needs replacement.

If you notice any of the common signs that you may need to replace your commercial electrical panel, or if you simply feel that your panel is too old to safely do its job, call for electrical service in San Jose, CA. Bothwell Construction Corp is committed to the highest level of quality service and concrete construction in the Bay Area. Our committed team is both knowledgeable and experienced in all we do.

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