Concrete Repair

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is the least expensive way to remove trip hazards. Our concrete contractor use this method for most concrete repairs. When we perform concrete grinding, we shave the access lifted concrete.

Mud Jacking

Is a slab of concrete sinking? If that is the case, we may perform a mud jacking. During this process, we make holes in the concrete and fill the bottom layer with concrete. This causes the top later to rise and ultimately becoming the same height.

Concrete Sealing

Once you start to see concrete crack on your property, seal it right away. Cracks in concrete, left unattended, can cause more to repair later. Don't let a simple sealing gig become a full remove and replace job.

Popular Concrete Repair Services

Our concrete contractors offer a wide variety of concrete repair services. 

Sidewalk Repair

Tree Root Removal

Remove and Replace


ADA Improvements

Pool Deck Mudjacking

Park Strips & Walkways

Concrete Grinding

Have a cracks that needs sealing?

Which Concrete Repair Do I Need?


Concrete Grinding: We perform concrete grinding on raised slabs that may pose as a trip hazard. According to ADA guidelines, a trip hazard is considered to be a vertical change of over 1/4 inch. Many properties use this service to decrease their liabilities.

Sealing: Sealing is a fast way to prevent further cracking. If concrete is sealed properly, it can increase the lifespan. When cracks are left unsealed, it may lead to mold and mildew buildup. 

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