ADA Compliant

As bonded and insured concrete contractors, we know it is crucial to keep things up to code. We ensure that our team is knowledgeable about the latest regulations for public properties. Click here to read the ADA construction guidelines that we abide by.

ADA Specifications

We help with the paperwork. We try to make this process as painless as possible. With that said, our project managers try to answer any of your questions in regards to ADA Improvements and regulations. Let us help you reduce your liabilities.

Stay within Budget

Here at Bothwell Corp, we make an effort to stay as close as we can to the original quote. That's why we utilize our time diligently and carefully. We aim for competitive bids with quality results, especially for ADA improvements and upgrades.

ADA Improvements and Upgrades Services

Our concrete contractors are ADA compliant and perform quality ADA improvements and upgrades.


Walkways Installation & Repair

Tactile Paving (Braille Blocks)

Railings Installation

Signage and Striping


Park Strips & Walkways

Concrete Stairs

Ready to reduce liabilites?

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Why Bothwell's ADA Constuction?


Bothwell has been the choice contractor for many renown companies. Our clients can back us up when we say we deliver quality results. Whether it is a simple concrete grinding or full tactile paving ADA improvement, we take pride in all jobs. For more information about ADA improvements and upgrades in San Jose CA, click here for their city page.  Let us know how we can make your property accessible to all without breaking the bank.

ADA Improvements

How can we help with your project?

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We know the importance of high-quality work and timely completion. Our combination of integrity and attention to detail will ensure a successful project. Let us help with your ADA improvement project. 

Concrete ADA Improvement Inspection

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You will only be contacted by a project manager or a representative of Bothwell Corp. We do not sell or share personal information.