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Retaining Walls

Our seasoned contractors have the knowledge to give the best services at competitive prices. Our team has been performing retaining wall installations in San Jose CA for decades. We can build concrete or wooden enclosures that complement your property. Give us a call to schedule a project walk.

Built to Last

We stand behind our work. We make it a point to have our quality triumph over all contractors who try to make a quick buck. We keep our team informed about the latest city regulations as well as modern practices. When we build retaining walls and enclosures, know that they are built to last.

Permitting Paperwork

Our team is constantly being trained on OSHA safety standards as well as city regulations. If you feel overwhelmed with all the paperwork that is attached to retaining wall installation, we have you covered. Our knowledgeable project managers know all of the requirements and limitations for retaining wall installations. For more information about building a retaining wall in San Jose CA, click here.

Our Retaining Wall & Enclosure Services in San Jose CA

Our concrete contractors in San Jose CA offer a wide variety of services. 

Concrete Retaining Wall Installation

Timber Retaining Wall Installation

Garbage Can Enclosure

Concrete Cantilever Retaining Wall

Gravity Retaining Walls

Counter-fort / Buttressed retaining wall


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An integral part of our success in the telecommunication industry is our concrete division, with decades of experience we are taking our knowledge and are expanding into commercial and residential concrete construction. We know the importance of high-quality work and timely completion. Our combination of professional services and attention to detail will ensure a successful project. We are ready to assist you with your projects.

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We know the importance of high-quality work and timely completion. Our combination of integrity and attention to detail will ensure a successful project. 

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