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Whether you have problems with your driveway or your concrete stairs, there are many questions that can arise when it comes to maintenance.  Jumping straight into a concrete replacement can be a bit overwhelming, due to price.  However, there can be more cost-effective solutions.  At Bothwell Corp, our team is concerned with your safety and budget first.  We provide a wide range of services that have helped clients save money while reducing accidents and liability.  Our company specializes in concrete services in San Jose, CA.  Our company is licensed and bonded to work with HOA companies, residential homes, apartment complexes, and commercial sites.

Assess your problem concrete area

First, you want to look at what the problem is.  Are you dealing with a crack on your sidewalk?  Or maybe you could be dealing with a raised area.  The one thing that we recommend that you should do is conduct your own research.  Our technicians do diligent work in providing you with a detailed report for your scope of work.  However, other concrete companies in San Jose aren’t as thorough.

concrete sidewalk repair Los Gatos Ca

Sidewalk Repair Los Gatos, Ca

Rule of thumb for replacement concrete

After assessing your area, there is a rule of thumb for when you should decide on a replacement.  However, please call your concrete contractor to perform an inspection first before asking for a replacement job.  If you do not have a contractor that you know and trust yet, call a few and request multiple inspections.

If you are noticing that an area is needing regular maintenance, it could be a result of a more serious problem.

Deep cracks – (about 2 inches wide) could be patched, but because the crack is so deep, it may cause more problems soon after resulting in more money being spent.

Roots – Raised slabs can result because a nearby tree’s roots are pushing the concrete up.  Unfortunately, this will result in the slabs being removed and replaced, the roots will also need to be controlled.

Extremely old – Yes, there is a reason why we said ‘extremely old’ concrete (if done correctly) can last a very long time.  Obviously, there will be a bit of ware and maintenance needed over the years, however, it can last for years until a replacement is needed.  If you know that your concrete is more than 50 years old, it could be more cost effective for you to replace it.

Rule of thumb for concrete repair

Repair is usually more cost-effective, however, depending on how much repair you have to do you may look into a replacement.

Small cracks – Repairing small cracks will prevent them from growing over time.  If your crack is smaller than 1 ½ inch, we recommend scheduling a repair service.

Raised areas – After consulting with an experienced contractor, raised concrete doesn’t always need to be replaced.  There are services that we can provide that can raise the slabs without the need for replacement.

Potholes – Some potholes can actually be repaired with a simple resurfacing or repair.  A simple solution to a problem that can seriously damage cars and cause a hazard to others.


If you are in a situation where you believe you will need any concrete service done in San Jose, CA, do your research.  There are many companies that don’t hold their staff as accountable as Bothwell Corp.  Once you have done your due diligence with researching your problem, request multiple inspections from different companies.  More often than not, companies will provide free inspections.  Remember the rules of thumb for repair and replacement.

Bothwell Corp has conducted concrete services for San Jose, CA for over 30 years.  Our service area has grown and extended to the entire Bay Area.  We conduct all your concrete needs and help you from start to finish and always stay on budget.  Our experienced staff is one of the best in the city.  Call us today for an inspection!

When to Replace or Repair Your Concrete
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When to Replace or Repair Your Concrete
When it comes to dealing with concrete, it can be hard to decide whether you need to a replacement or repair. In this article, we go over the rules of thumb for each service.
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