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Standby Generators

A popular choice is the installation of a standby permanent generator unit. Once the lights go off these generators are at work. There is no need to pull it out of the storage and start hooking it up. These generators are hooked up to your property’s electrical cables.

Tailored to Your Business

All businesses are different.  The size of your property and the amount of electricity needed to guarantee that your business runs successfully should be critical pieces of information to keep in mind.  If you are considering an emergency power system, we can canvas the area to give you options that will give you the best results.

Permits and Paperwork

We train every member of our team on the latest OSHA safety standards. To stay on top of the latest news in the electrical industry, we are constantly learning about the latest laws and regulations for installing a permanent standby backup. We can help you understand the process and with the paperwork so you can focus on more important things.

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  • Give you a range of options
  • Answer your questions in detail about your system before you buy
  • Help install your emergency power system
  • Perform maintenance to extend the life of your system

We are a commercial construction and electrician company based in San Jose, CA.  Needless to say, we have seen the effect unexpected power outages had on surrounding businesses. We have trained technicians that are available to help you decide which course of action will work with your budget. 

Residential Backup Generator Installation

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We know the importance of high-quality work and timely completion. Our combination of integrity and attention to detail will ensure a successful project. 

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