Overview: Is your Commercial Property Following these Concrete ADA Guidelines?

Commercial properties can be very tough to run. Not only do property owners have to make sure that their properties look great, but they must ensure the safety of their tenants and the public. This may result in repaving the parking lot from time to time. But sometimes small things can be overlooked and cost a shiny penny. The last thing property owners want is hit with a lawsuit for negligence. Here is a shortlist of a few concrete ADA guidelines that all property owner should be aware of.


Ramps are a slop that has a change in the level of over 5%. Slops that are used at a curb are also considered ramps, more specifically, “curb ramps.” Curb ramps are required to have a width of at least 48 inches.  According to the American Disabilities Act, in California, ADA ramps require a minimum of a 6-foot pathway in the direction of travel. Top landings of ramps need to be at a minimum of 60 inches while the Bottom landings need to be at least 72 inches.

The maximum slope for a ramp is 8.33% also known the 1/12 Rule. The 1/12th rule means that for every 1-inch vertical rise, 12 inches of horizontal run. For more information about California’s ADA compliant ramp regulations, please visit this website.


Concrete Trip Hazards

Learn to be compliant with concrete ADA guidelines. Commercial property owners are not the only ones who are liable if someone trips on their property. Residential homeowners also face that liability if someone trips and possibly sues. Although trip lawsuits are typically hard to prove, it is best to be safe. So, what is considered a concrete trip hazard? Concrete trip hazards are classified as many different hazards. This includes but is not limited to:

concrete ADA guidelines

Walking Surfaces

This can be on normal surfaces or sidewalks. The 1/4th-inch rule is put into place by the ADA. A trip hazard is considered a sudden change in level that is more than 1/4th an inch. The most common trip hazard that we see and fix are raised or sunken slabs. When a slab is raised, we can use concrete grinding to shave access concrete and have it leveled in no time.

Sunken slabs are a bit trickier because we need to raise it to be on the same level as the rest of the surface. How we do that is through mud jacking. During the mud jacking processes, we make a small hole in the concrete and pump more concrete until the slab raises.



Stairs and steps can be considered a trip hazard if they are damaged or irregular. Stairs that are missing handrails are considered as trip hazards as well. For more information about what solutions are available for trip hazard safety, please read this article.

Slippery Surfaces

Although this is not concrete-related, it is important to be aware of this hazard. Leaky lines or broken sprinklers can make surfaces wet and slippery. This may cause become a legal problem if you live in California. Californians can face up to $500 fines for wasting or overusing water. These laws prohibit residents from watering their lawn so much that it leaks onto the sidewalk or other properties.

We Can Help!

Bothwell Corp was founded as a general contractor in 1984. Shortly after, we started investing our time and resources in innovative telecommunications facilities and infrastructure in the Bay Area and beyond.  We have been building quality projects for over 30 years. With our headquarters in San Jose, we have been performing the best concrete construction services. Our concrete contractors know the importance of high-quality work and timely completion. Our combination of professionalism and attention to detail will ensure a successful project. How can we help you become compliant with concrete ADA guidelines?

Is your Commercial Property Following these Concrete ADA Guidelines?
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Is your Commercial Property Following these Concrete ADA Guidelines?
We have been building quality projects for over 30 years that follow concrete ADA guidelines. We have been performing the best concrete construction services.
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