Community Association’s responsibility for safety in the common areas is a high priority due to the increasing threats of legal action from trip and fall incidents.  With Community Association Managers and HOA Board Members under extreme pressure to increase common area maintenance services and keep HOA Dues low, it can be difficult to find a middle ground.  Bothwell Corp has been dedicated to serving Community Associations, so we came up with 5 tips that can help you improve your community trip hazard safety.


HOA Trip Hazard Safety



  1. Owner Responsibilities


  • One of your biggest resources in reducing trip hazards in your community is by involving the residents of your community. By good communication through newsletters, strategically placed posts, or community website, you can encourage your residents to report possible trip hazards and give them trip hazard awareness information.


  1. Vendor Awareness Partnership


  • Just like most Community Associations, you have vendors that work onsite frequently. This can be your landscaper, site maintenance team, pool cleaners and other resources that are periodically onsite.  Start using your network of vendors to help keep you aware of safety concerns.


  1. Periodic Inspections by a Pro


  • It never hurts to get your Community Association walked by an expert. Bothwell Corp does this as a complimentary service to Community Association Managers.


  1. Establish Process to Handle Trip Hazards


  • One of the most underrated resources to create is an operational procedure to handle trip hazards. Having procedures in place for preventative maintenance, repair, and a trip and fall event, can save you the headaches and your community money.


  1. Additional Preventative Measures


  • Night Audits – Trip Hazards can also be a lighting issue. Make sure you have adequate positioned lighting for your pathways.


  • Understand Your Responsibilities – City Sidewalks can be often overlooked. Make sure that you know who is responsible for their maintenance.


  • Irrigation Audits for Your Landscaping – Wet concrete can attract tree roots, which will lift your sidewalks causing trip hazards. A good water audit from a trusted landscaper can help your community.


Bothwell Corp is helping to make your community association safer.  Our 5 tips for HOA Trip Hazard Safety can help you lower your liability without creating a new budget item.  You can always trust us to help you and your community association.  We have over 30 years in business as a concrete contractor for the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas.

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