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Concrete Repair: What are my options?

It is that time of the year to keep tenants happy by doing some repairs around your property. There are cracks on the sidewalk. There are tree roots raising the slabs. What where did it come from and what can be done so it never happens again? Here are the most common concrete repair services.


Although your concrete won’t be as glorious as it was on day one, sealing is a great option. Sealing can keep the slab from further cracking. When moisture enters the crack, it can freeze causing further damage. Depending on the severity and size of the cracking, sealing is your best bet. Sealing is usually the most affordable concrete repair option.


Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is the go-to service when we see slightly raised slabs on sidewalks. We grind down the concrete to reduce the risk of a trip hazard. From residential to commercial properties that have these kinds of hazards, owners are liable for them.  This service is useful when the source isn’t a tree root. Concrete grinding can be unnecessary if roots are a problem because roots grow. At that point, you may need to remove and replace.


Mud Jacking (aka Slab Raising)

When does a job require a mud jacking? Mud jacking is a great option for raising sunken slabs. It is a great option as opposed to replacement. When we perform this service, we make holes in the concrete and pump new concrete under the slab. This raises the slab, causing it to level out. Mud jacking is a faster process and far more affordable than full concrete replacement. This service is only good for raising the slabs not lowering.


Remove and Replace

This service is mostly used in extreme cases. We perform this service when concrete is broken beyond repair. This includes crumbled concrete and tree root invasions. We have also done many concrete removal jobs for new additions for commercial space and residential space. Concrete removal is also needed for widening roads and curb repair. When you hire someone for concrete removal and replace, ensure that they are aware of demolition guidelines.


What is best for your property?

If you have concerns about the concrete on your property, meet with a local concrete contractor. They will be more than happy to answer your question about reducing liability. Have a project manager walk your property and evaluate what services you may, need if any.


How can we help?

Our team at Bothwell is flexible on your concrete solutions. We keep what is best for your property and your budget in mind. We are a fully licensed and bonded concrete company. We specialize in all types of concrete repair services. Let our contractors find the best solution for your property. Meet with us today.

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