5 Concrete Curb Appeal Ideas to Increase Property Value

Overview: Concrete Curb Appeal

Looking for ways to increase or maintain your property value? Maintaining the concrete aspects of your property is just as important as the rest of your house. Here are ways to keep your home and asset in pristine condition though concrete curb appeal work.

Fix your sidewalks.

Sidewalk maintenance is usually inexpensive and often overlooked.

Pressure wash Start off by cleaning your concrete. Oil stains on the driveway and dirty sidewalks can be a turn-off. This is the most basic thing you can do for your concrete curb appeal. Many HOA communities require that driveways and sidewalks be power washed if they get too dirty. Do not use anything that contains strong acids such as ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate. These chemicals destroy the surface of your sidewalk or driveway.

Fix your Sidewalks Raised slabs is not only unappealing, but it can also be dangerous. If someone trips due to the uneven sidewalk on your property, it can cause many headaches. Whether you are a homeowner or a property owner, you are liable for the fall. If the person who fell decides to sue, it will be a headache. Our team is dedicated to preventing such accidents. That is why we offer free sidewalk safety audits for commercial properties, meet with us.

Retaining Walls and Garbage Enclosures

concrete curb appeal

Retaining Walls If you are looking to add a bit of elegance to your property, consider a retaining wall. Retaining walls are great for concrete curb appeal. Landscapers love retaining walls because it helps manage rainwater runoff. Because retaining walls are usually at a slope, water is guided down to a drain as opposed to puddling. This can prevent overwatering in gardens and other plants. Retaining walls can also be constructed using timber.

Garbage Enclosures– Garbage enclosures add an extra touch. Many properties and apartment buildings opt out to concrete garbage enclosures because of its durability and elegance. Because of the durability concrete gives the enclosure, they can last for many decades. Concrete garbage enclosures have an inconspicuous look that you can not get from chain link enclosures.

Stamped Walkway/Driveway

Having a nicely stamped walkway or driveway is the best thing you can do for your concrete curb appeal. According to real estate agents on Trulia, adding stamped concrete does increase your home’s concrete curb appeal and may help you sell your home faster than others in the neighborhood. Real estate agents can all agree that concrete driveways can increase your property’s value more than asphalt.

Pool Deck Replacement

According to a successful businessman, Dave Ramsey, having a pool can increase your home’s value up to 7% under certain conditions; location, style, size, and climate. Having a home in California or the Bay Area could be very profitable. Ramsey also mentions style as a condition. Having a pool is great but if it is not properly maintained and poorly constructed, you may not see that 7% increase in property value. Some people consider a pool deck replacement or a pool deck overlay. Overlays are significantly affordable in comparison to a full pool deck replacement. They look great and homebuyers love them.

Backyard Patio

backyard concrete

Revamping the landscape of your backyard can also increase your property’s value and concrete curb appeal. From adding a deck to installing an outdoor grill or fireplace, you cannot go wrong.


Whether you are looking to increase your home or property’s value, there is a lot of potential by investing in concrete. Here at Bothwell Corp, we pride ourselves on delivering the best concrete construction services. We will gladly walk you through the steps on increasing your concrete curb appeal. We offer free concrete safety audits for commercial properties. Meet with one of our project managers and get started today!

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