During the summertime, unfortunately, in California (specifically in the Bay Area), there is a spike in power outages.  Commercial electricians do everything in their power to provide support to businesses that have power outages.  In a Bloomberg article just last month, Michael Wara, the director of the Climate and Energy Policy program at Stanford University commented on the power shutoffs saying “’We don’t have a lot of practical experience with power shutoffs impacting a large number of people in California except during the last electricity crisis, this is uncharted territory.’”

What can this mean for your company?  Well, if the necessary steps are not taken, you could be losing a significant partition of your company’s revenue.  Emergency power systems can help this.

In this article

In this article, we will go over why California is prone to blackouts, specifically during the Summer and how that can affect your business. There are different options that you can explore to keep your business running, however, it is crucial that you speak to a commercial electrician before making any decisions.

Why are blackouts a problem in California?

Unfortunately, California deals with some of the worst wildfires during the Summer.  The dry air and forest are prime wildfire environments.  In 2018, a horrific campfire killed 85 people.  There aren’t any solutions electric supplier companies have implemented except to schedule outages during high-risk times for wildfires.  Not enough businesses have an emergency power system to combat these outages.

Problems your business can have in the event of a blackout

Blackouts don’t just “turn the lights off” there are other more critical aspects of your business that can be affected.  Your business can have the following problems in the event of electric power interference:

  • Disabled air conditioning system
  • Shutting down fridges or freezers (this is extremely detrimental for restaurants or grocery stores)
  • Most retail stores depend on a POS system which is reliant on the internet connection, no transactions will be able to process
  • Online retailers will also have problems transactions will not be able to process if there is an outage
  • If your calls run through an online system, there will be no way that your customers or clients will be able to contact you

Does your business need an emergency power system?

While your business may have a less powerful backup system that enables exit signs or elevator lights to kick in as mandated in the California Electrical Code, this does not keep your business from lost revenue.  If you’re asking yourself if you should invest in an emergency power system, you’re also asking if you would like to maintain your company’s intake while others are losing theirs.  It doesn’t matter if you have a small business, or have a multi-floor retail store, securing your business should be a top priority.

What are your options?

All businesses are different.  The size of your property and the amount of electricity needed to guarantee that your business runs successfully should be critical pieces of information to keep in mind.  If you are considering an emergency power system, we suggest calling a commercial electrician to canvas the area to give you options that will give you the best results.

Why should you consult a commercial electrician before?

The right commercial electrician can:

  • Give you a range of options
  • Answer your questions in detail about your system before you buy
  • Help install your emergency power system
  • Perform maintenance to extend the life of your system

How can we help?

We are Bothwell Corp. a commercial construction and electrician company based in San Jose, CA.  Needless to say, we have seen the effect the wildfires had on surrounding businesses.  We want to help prevent your business from losing money this Summer and throughout the year.  We have trained technicians that are available to help you decide which course of action will work with your budget.  Our end result is your success.  Interested?  Give us a call or fill out our contact form on our website to schedule an evaluation.

Ask A Commercial Electrician: Emergency Power System
Article Name
Ask A Commercial Electrician: Emergency Power System
In this article, we will go over why California is prone to blackouts, specifically during the Summer and how that can affect your business. We explain the benefits of having a commercial electrician help with your decisions for installing certain emergency power systems.

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