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What are retaining walls, and which one do you need?

retaining walls

Overview: What is a retaining wall? Retaining walls are used for landscaping. They are used to get the most from sloped land. These can be found nearly everywhere. You may have seen them on the side of highways, in front of homes, and businesses. These walls are designed very elegantly that it can turn heads.…

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Choosing the best concrete contractor in San Jose, CA

Choosing the best concrete contractor san jose, ca

There are hundreds of concrete contractors in San Jose and add another few hundred that will service San Jose from other cities.  They may all claim to be the best concrete contractor.  So how do you go about choosing the right one for you?  This brief guide will show you exactly what you need to…

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5 Concrete Curb Appeal Ideas to Increase Property Value

concrete curb appeal

Overview: Concrete Curb Appeal Looking for ways to increase or maintain your property value? Maintaining the concrete aspects of your property is just as important as the rest of your house. Here are ways to keep your home and asset in pristine condition though concrete curb appeal work. Fix your sidewalks. Sidewalk maintenance is usually…

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Concrete: Replacement or Repair

Concrete Replacement or Repair Services San Jose, CA

Whether you have problems with your driveway or your concrete stairs, there are many questions that can arise when it comes to maintenance.  Jumping straight into a concrete replacement can be a bit overwhelming, due to price.  However, there can be more cost-effective solutions.  At Bothwell Corp, our team is concerned with your safety and…

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