Overview: 5 Ways How to Make Your Property ADA Compliant and Accessible

Because commercial properties are open to the public, property owners must have their property ADA compliant. If property owners fail to do their due diligence, it may lead to liabilities or injury. Unlike commercial properties, apartments and HOA communities may not need to follow all the ADA guidelines. Apartment and HOA communities do need to follow the Federal Fair Housing Act.

Here are some steps that can be taken to ensure visitor and tenant satisfaction:

Concrete Ramp near Concrete Stairs

If you are a commercial property owner and your property is open to the public, you may need to have a wheelchair ramp. Wheelchair ramps have guidelines and specifications of their own. For example, wheelchair ramps follow the 1:12 rule. That means for every one-inch height, it must be at least 12 inches long.

Apartment and HOA communities may not need to follow this guideline. Some exceptions include having a public community room or clubhouse. If your apartment or HOA community has a room that is open to the public then they must abide by these rules.

Railing Installation

This also a requirement for all wheelchair ramps.


It is important to have some type of signage. Some include but not limited to speed bumps in a parking lot and handicap parking signs. The most common signs we see are the bathroom signs that have braille.

Did you know that landlords must make parking accommodations for people with mobility disabilities at their own expense? This rule can be found under the Federal Fair Housing Act.

Tactile Paving

What is tactile paving? Have you ever left a grocery store and right before crossing the street, your cart goes over a bumpy floor? That is tactile paving also known as braille blocks. These are important as they let people know that they are stepping off a sidewalk and onto the street.

Interesting Note:

Businesses and government programs must make their services accessible to people with mobility disabilities. What does that mean? If a business is existing in a location that is not accessible to people with disabilities, they are required to make accommodations by law. For example, someone who is wheelchair-bound wanted to eat at a restaurant that is located on a sandy beach and only accessible through stairs. The restaurant would have to make accommodations such as bring the food out to them or have a more accessible location.

Schedule an ADA Compliance Trip Hazard Survey

Here at Bothwell Corp, we take public safety seriously. That is why we are offering for the month of August a free ADA Compliance and Trip Hazard Survey. During our complimentary survey, we will perform a concrete site audit. We will be able to explain what trip hazards are and what is the best and most affordable approach to them. This offer is only valid for commercial properties and properties that have 30+ units. This may include HOA communities and apartment complexes. If you have any questions about concrete ADA Compliance, please feel free to call us or send us an email.

Bothwell Corp is helping to make your community association safer.  Our 5 tips for ADA Compliant properties can help you lower your liability without creating a new budget item.  You can always trust us to help you and your community association.  We have over 30 years in business as a concrete contractor for the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas.

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