A pool is a beautiful focal point for any home or community. It can be a place where people gather for special events or during weekends and holidays. However, similar to any facility used by many people, it requires regular upkeep and maintenance.

When to Replace Your Concrete Pool Deck

In this guide, we will outline the most common issues that affect pool decks, and help you determine whether you need pool deck replacement or repair.

1. Cracks on the surface

Your pool deck is not impervious to weathering. Eventually, you are bound to see signs of exposure to outdoor elements. This is especially true if you frequently use your pool, or if your facility is located in a warmer climate. Normal wear and tear, however, will produce hairline cracks in the concrete that can be repaired with sealant.

If your concrete has larger cracks, however, you may need a new deck or more extensive repairs. If there are multiple areas that have significant damage, you will need to have that checked by a professional to determine what action needs to be taken. Cracked concrete may be caused by improper pouring during installation, use of substandard materials, or unstable soil under the deck.

2. Puddles form on the deck

If water gathers on your poolside deck, you may have an underlying drainage problem. Typically, decks should be constructed at a slight angle to allow water to slope away from the pool, and into the drainage. However, if the concrete was not installed at a significant slope, the water that splashes on the deck will likely stay and create a puddle.

Puddling encourages the growth of algae and mold, which, in turn, makes the deck slippery. Pooling water can also find its way into cracks and worsen fractures in the concrete. Poor draining, coupled with concrete cracking, will then lead to long-term damage to the pool. As the deck lets water enter through the cracks, pressure can build up in the soil, which inevitably affects the pool structure.

3. Soil has shifted in surrounding areas

A pool built into the ground is heavy and will need adequate support. If your ground is not compacted and prepared to bear that weight of the pool itself, it might cause the ground to shift. Apart from this, soil shift usually occurs when tree roots infiltrate the area surrounding the pool as well, or when there is loose soil under the main pool structure.

Because shifted soil affects the foundation of your deck and your pool, it is important to address soil instability immediately. Concrete cracking and improper draining are also effects of shifts.

Repair or replacement?

When you find cracks, puddles, or soil shifts in your pool area, you may decide to do the repairs yourself. However, leaving this task to experts saves time and helps you identify other problems you might have overlooked. Concrete experts will repair improper slopes using specialized tools and can address your shifted soil problems as well.

Aside from those already mentioned, there are other causes of soil shift. Depending on the type of problem, a technician will suggest a range of solutions because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for soil instability.

Sometimes you might need to forego repair and go straight to replacement. For extensive soil shifting or widespread cracks, doing so may be a cheaper and faster option. Replacement also lets technicians put several safety measures in place to prevent these from happening again. If you have non-uniform soil, for instance, the technician can put the necessary reinforcements so that your pool does not cause the ground to shift.

Final words

A pool is a top selling-point for most properties and is a source of pride for its owners. However, it is also often a cause for concern, especially when there are issues that affect its stability. Concrete cracks and puddles are signs that your pool deck needs repair or replacement, so you should have an expert look into that for you.

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